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400 million of the world's 7 billion people are entrepreneurs, and this number is increasing. The current model isn’t working, and we are in the middle of a big shift, the age of the entrepreneur. Agile small business owners have always been the backbone of the Australian Economy. We can all thrive in this new age with the support of technology and an entrepreneurial mindset. This is not just about starting your own business but setting it up in a way with an ecosystem that allows you to also live your very best life. We are going to see more innovation, stronger values, and a focus on health and wellness.


So where do we start? We need entrepreneurs in financial services to tackle two key areas:  

  • We need to restore the trust - Australian financial services institutions are facing a crisis of trust.  With the Royal Commission exposing significant failures of providers, rising customer expectations, technological advancements, and new competition, the financial services industry needs to adapt and deliver.  

  • We need to continue to put our clients first - It has never been more important for financial advisers to deliver differentiated customer experiences. Let’s go back to the fundamentals of building long term relationships to truly create value for our clients and exceed their needs.  

What do we do? 


We genuinely wake up every morning and think about how we will drive the Entrepreneurial Revolution in Financial Planning.  

  • The Wealth Network was born in 2015 from simple collaboration to help our first member firm to enter the entrepreneurial revolution. This successful partnership led to a business model that is designed to give financial advisers who are looking to start their own business an ecosystem of support, that helps them focus on their clients more than the day to day jobs of running a business.  

  • So that’s all we do, help financial advisers start, run, manage, grow, and evolve into a financial planning business.  

  • What sets us apart is that our approach allows you to run a business, run a marathon, have a baby, take holidays, work from another city all while growing your client family.   


Our Values​

  • Everyone has a choice, to follow or to lead, to join a vision, or to create their own vision. To take that first step is daunting with more obvious risks than opportunities. The Wealth Network wants to inspire and partner with the “go-getters” to join the Entrepreneurial Revolution in Financial Planning, to help them create a more fulfilling path for themselves with confidence. 


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We get it. It’s a big step to start your own business. Where do you start? Or if you already have a financial planning business and are looking to evolve where do you find the time? We have webinars and masterclasses to guide you and help build your confidence. It has never been easier to join the entrepreneurial revolution.

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Dedicate 90 mins a week over 6 weeks to scope and design your financial planning firm.  

  1. What is different about starting a Financial Planning business today?

  2. Managing the transition from employee to business owner

  3. Starting your own practice vs sharing the risk

  4. How can I create a healthy ecosystem of support around the business?

  5. Hyper targeting and hyper-personalization to serve unmet needs of potential customers

  6. Running a business and remote working

Masterclass Schedule:1st October - 5th November 2020

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We both have skin in the game...


  • We both invest in the business so we both have skin in the game to make your business a success.  

  • Our role in the financial planning industry is to create successful entrepreneurs who can drive penetration of financial planning services in Australia. The opportunity lies in a hyper targeted and highly personalised approach that truly caters to the needs of Australians.  

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