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Paragem Accelerate 


Work with me to optimise efficiency and productivity in your business. 


Dean has now been involved in 14 profitable financial planning startups. 
Several of these have become award winning businesses.

Coaching and Accountability


  1. Weekly Group Coaching

    • Monday Focus

    • Friday Reflective 

  2. Monthly One on One Coaching

    • Review of your key number 

    • Problem solving on your key issues

    • Accountability to goals

  3. Monthly Focus

    • Monthly Business Focus

    • Monthly Client Focus 

  4. Quarterly Planning

    • October, January, April

    • Reflect on the quarters performance

    • Identify and solve key issues with the business

    • Set goals for the next quarter

  5. Annual Business Planning 

    • Review ​annual performance 

    • Review business strategy for 3 and 10 year plan

    • Set goals for the next year, set rock of the next quarter 

  6. Business Tool Box 

    • Need help? Client scenario | Spreadsheet | Presentation.  

    • Access to an growing resource library, powered by TWN Partners 

Business Brainstorming

For the first time Dean is offering this hands on, skin-in-the-game coaching in a group session with monthly one-on-one coaching to tackle the issues relevant to your business. 

  • Build Focus and Accountability within your Business Operations
  • Start thinking like a business owner 
  • Leverage your Time and build a Profitable firm with the complete set of simple concepts and practical tools.
  • By mastering our simple way of operating your business will systematically and permanently improve.
  • Uncover our BLUEPRINT for a 35%+ PROFIT MARGIN business
  • Master people management. Bring back accountability and ensure that your team is working to your VALUES.

Coaching Commitment

$2,500 per month (plus GST) for 12 months

Inclusive of all coaching meeting, resources and tools


Dean is one of my favourite people. Dean has helped me as a mentor and someone I turn to when I need a sound voice or help making an important decision. Dean’s strategic ability and analytic mind are among the sharpest I’ve come across. He’s also a ridiculously smart and capable adviser and someone who is passionate about helping his clients and other advisers. He’s also an all round great guy and someone that just ‘gets it’.  


Invest smarter to live better for tech superstars, business owners,
& the soon-to-be rich | Financial Adviser | Author | Speaker | Podcaster

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