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Providing a meeting recording disclaimer before the start of a meeting is important. This is crucial for respecting individual privacy and complying with legal requirements. Being upfront about recording a meeting builds transparency, which in turn fosters trust among participants. Advisers must clarify the purpose of the recording whether it’s for record-keeping, training, or review purposes.

​Here's a sample of the disclaimer:

Virtual Meeting

Hello and welcome, everyone! Before we jump into our agenda, I just want to give you a quick heads-up that we're recording this virtual meeting. Think of it as our way to make sure no one misses out on anything important. 

Now, you might wonder what happens with this recording. Well, it's purely for our team's use – like a helpful reference to revisit our discussions and decisions. We handle these recordings with care, keeping them under wraps for privacy and confidentiality. We’re all about making sure you’re comfortable and in the loop. So, are we good to go? Great, let’s get started!

In-Person Meeting

Hi everyone, great to see you all here. Just a quick heads up before we dive in – we're going to record today’s meeting. It's just to make sure we don't miss any important info and action items. Don’t worry, this recording is just for us.


We'll use it internally for things like making sure our notes are spot on, and maybe some training down the line. We take privacy seriously, so everything stays in-house, respecting confidentiality all the way. I'm here to make sure everyone feels at ease with this. Alright, let’s get started!

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