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Is founder dependence hurting your financial planning business?

Does anyone know your financial planning business as well as you do?

Probably not.

Is that a good thing?

Well, it depends.

Your firm needs to be able to run without you. Otherwise, it will always be reliant on you … which isn’t a good thing when it’s time for you to leave. What’s more, any potential buyers will see it as a huge red flag.

So how do you avoid the trap of building a business that’s too dependent on your vision, ideas and drive?

You need to remove yourself as much as possible from day-to-day tasks. That means:

* Hiring the right people

* Delegating wherever you can

* Outsourcing

* Creating processes and systems that are easily scaled

Remember, one day you will exit the business. And while that might not happen for a good 10 or 20 years, the day will inevitably come. So start planning for it now.

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