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Why you need to eliminate low-value activities from your life

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Want to make your financial planning business more profitable?

Then focus exclusively on tasks valued at hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour … and delegate or outsource the rest.

High-value tasks include

* Strategy

* Sales

* Marketing

* Networking

* Recruitment

Low-value tasks include:

* Admin

* Bookkeeping

* Graphic design

* Scheduling meetings

* Website management

Notice how ‘client work’ doesn’t appear on either list? That’s because it could potentially be defined as both a high-value and low-value activity, depending on the structure of your business.

If you want to stay small, then you’ll need to do the client work yourself – in which case, it will always be a high-value activity.

If you want to build a big business, then, at some point, you’ll have to get off the tools and switch to a purely managerial role – in which case, client work will evolve from being a high-value to a low-value activity.

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