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Why your financial planning business needs just a few true fans

Pop quiz time. You want to grow your financial planning business. Is it better to:

a) Do lots of marketing to get hordes of new clients through the door?

b) Build and nurture the relationships you have with your existing clients?

Sometimes, Option B is the way to go.

Your business doesn’t need a million new clients. Rather, all you need is a relatively small number of devoted clients who truly appreciate what you do and keep coming back for more.

By all means, try to grow your firm. But don’t forget that a smaller number of clients who provide regular, repeat business can be more profitable than a larger number of clients who are less reliable.

If you want to build a loyal army of fans, the most important thing to do is provide great service and solve their problems.

As an added bonus, publish content marketing that speaks to their pain points, so even when they’re not in your office, they’re still getting value from you.

Want to grow your financial planning business? Contact me at to find out how my custom training can help.

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