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Get inspired to reach for success.

Setting up your advice practice for HNW clients

Dean will take you through how to build a financial planning business which caters to the high-net-worth client and focuses on six pillars that drill down into this segment.

The Practice Factory

Interview with Stewart Bell regarding the evolution of our business from financial adviser to business builder.

Buy a Book Vs. Build Your Client Base From Scratch

I've loved the one-on-one chats I've had with advisers as a follow up to my recent webinars. One adviser asked me about the benefits of buying a book of clients to start your business vs. building your client base from scratch. My thoughts are in the video.

These are the types of real world 1-on-1 conversations we have in my Masterclass, which is designed for all of you who are are thinking about making the leap into your own advice business. The next opportunity to be involved happens on April 29. I only do a couple of these a year. More info here if you think I might be able to help you.

Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Revolution in Financial Planning with Dean Holmes [Ep73]

If you are currently a business owner or think it might be on your horizon, this episode is for you. Dean Holmes, co-founder of The Wealth Network in Australia chats about inspiring the entrepreneurial revolution in financial planning. Discover the ups and downs and realities of starting and growing a successful business and Dean walks through The Wealth Network's unique model for solving all of the major pain points in launching an advice or planning business. And listen until the end where he talks about hyper-targeting and hyper-personalization and why we should all be doing it. 

XY Adviser: Plan, Produce, Profit Series 

Dean has some strong ideas around the future of the financial advice business model, and discusses how his licensee is approaching it. Find the Wealth Network Group on XY

XY Adviser: Interview with Dean Holmes

→ How to find the right people to join your organisation

→ How Dean built his own successful advice firm and license

→ The benefit of incorporating a business coaching program into your organisation (and the one Dean uses)

→ The importance of building trust with prospective clients and the different ways Dean has watched advisors in his network do this

→ The outcome Dean and Clayton would like to see from the Royal Commission

→ The reasoning behind preferred product lists, APLs and best interest duty and why some of it doesn’t make any sense

XY Adviser: #5 How To Run A Financial Advice Business Remotely with Dean Holmes 

Interview with Dean Holmes from Absolute Wealth Advisers and he spoke to us about how Dean is running his financial advice firm from London and how we can all run a financial advice business remotely.




XY Adviser: Interview with Paul Barrett, Absolute Wealth Advisers

Running a practice that deals with high net wealth clients

→ Mindset and working with high net wealth clients

→ Managing the transfer of intergenerational wealth and family wealth

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