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The head start your business deserves

Is a partnership in The Wealth Network right for you?

We align with quality. To become a partner in The Wealth Network you will need:

  • a minimum of 3 years experience as a fully qualified financial planner

  • sound technical knowledge

  • a good idea of the niche your business would like to target

  • a commitment to exceptional standards of work and compliance

  • a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit

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Why our Partnerships are the best on offer

There is one thing on offer at The Wealth Network that you can't find anywhere else.


And its the MOST VALUABLE tool a financial planning entrepreneur can have - hands-on, skin in the game leadership and assistance from one of the most successful and experienced financial planning teams in Australia - EVERY WEEK!

We have put our stamp on some of the rising star businesses in Australian finance - each of them completely unique and representative of their owner's personality and style, but each of them supported by leaders in The Wealth Network and our comprehensive suite of customised business services. We have first hand involvement in mentoring and implementing our tried and tested management system and profit formula. 

This is not a cookie cutter solution. We take a fresh approach for businesses of the future who require purpose, flexibility, laser focus and extreme efficiency.

Our system WORKS.

The proof is in the list of awards, exceptional revenue growth and raving customer reviews enjoyed by the members of our Network. And you'll be pleased to know they are a friendly bunch who willingly and openly offer amazing support, providing you with an instant community of outstanding peers.

How our Partnerships work


We are true partners. Utilising a world class management system we work with you to ensure that your business starts out with all of the essential components in place, then grows profitably to meet your vision.  



We take your success SERIOUSLY.  
Which is why we are prepared to offer you an unmatched level of training and leadership for an equity stake in your business. This is is typically a 25% stake in which we orchestrate an exit using an agreed valuation method at year 5, once you are up and running with gains on the board. This MINIMISES your financial outlay from day one whilst giving you access to exceptional leadership, an effective management system and the full suite of network services which we help implement and charge at cost.

As an Equity Partner The Wealth Network can also provide you with a working capital loan at competitive rates to get you started.

Pay per month for our leadership and coaching. If total autonomy appeals to you we also provide Working Partnerships. Receive all of the benefits of an Equity Partner for a minimum 12 months and then month-by-month for as long as it suits your business. Gain access to our comprehensive suite of business services at cost (as outlined below).

* Working capital loans are only available to Equity Partners.

The Wealth Network Business Services

Don't waste time and money searching and testing systems and suppliers.

Over the past 20+ plus years we have tried and tested a myriad of systems and services to run our businesses.​

In many cases our service providers have developed customised products for our financial planning businesses.

We've whittled it down to the best available and as a The Wealth Network partner, we will introduce you to all of these services and help implement them into our business. If you choose to use them you'll pay the suppliers direct.

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IT Support

CRM System

Investment Platforms








Social Media


Document templates

Compliance checks, audits and training


Processes & Support

Offshore Staffing

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