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Setting up your advice practice
for the Established Affluent

A successful business requires the review and management of your business ecosystem.  Use the Business Ecosystem Checklist to analyse the 8 key relationships you have in the back office.  Ranking on the wheel will illustrate how round the wheel is.  Think of this as the wheel of life for your back office, pay attention to the lowest scores, review and determine an action plan.

How do we describe our ideal client beyond Established Affluent?  Use the Client Avatar Tool to build an even deeper understanding of your client.  By painting a picture of their values, challenges, and personality you can craft your communication to that specific person. 


Finish with writing your clients story and naming your Avatar.  Naming your Avatars will allow you to bring them to life.  When you build something in your business, you can ask “Would Bob and Shirley value this change, would they understand it?

Where do we find the time to work on business projects?


Using the Delegate to Success tool, we firstly focus on creating a Core Focus list, where you would like to spend your time and why.  This creates the motivation for change. 


Secondly, we create a “Not to Do list”.  These are the jobs that we know we shouldn’t do but often we find ourselves doing them.  Share the list with your team and ask them to help you find a solution. 

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