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What is The Promise?

The promise is used as a method to transfer trust between advisers during a hand over due to changing roles or leaving employment.  The New Adviser makes ONE small promise to the client and delivers on this promise to demonstrate the client can trust the new adviser.

Why The Change?

Adviser ->  It is important to script your why before talking to clients about your change.  You only get one chance to transfer the relationship professionally, quickly, and efficiently to the new adviser.  Therefore, as the departing adviser you need to script your why as part of the promise meeting.   

New Adviser -> It is important to script your why….  


During the handover meeting (or the first joint interaction) the adviser needs to communicate the update to the client.  Early (i.e. First thing) is best as the client is probably wondering who this person is in the meeting.   

  1. Give clients context for the meeting (i.e. that you have an update and then we will dive into the regular meeting)  

  2. Communicate your Why Update and Create a space for New Adviser (NA)  

  3. New Adviser will introduce themselves, again this should be scripted in the context of them joining the business, team, experience and taking over the relationships.  Keep it simple. 

  4. Allow for the clients to ask questions etc 

  5. Continue with meeting  

  6. During the meeting the New Adviser will make a promise to the client.  Note the Promise should already be determine before the meeting.  This does not need to be a significant item, simply to investigate something or solve a small problem 


This method will ensure that we get a good hand over of clients to a new adviser as they will begin to trust the new adviser quickly. 


Adviser Leaving 

As you know I have been working on a number of projects recently, including our licensee, coaching advisers and advising clients.  Whilst I enjoy all aspects of my job, I discovered that I am most passionate about working on my coaching business.  As a result we are making a change in our business which will allow me to do this.  Essentially I have asked (New Adviser) to support me in this journey by becoming your primary adviser.  I am not leaving the business and I will be available to help over time. 

New Adviser 

I am really excited to start to work with employer and you (Mrs Client).  I am looking forward to getting to know you to continue to provide you with (strategic and goals based ) advice.  As a small bit of background on me, I have been an adviser for X years and my core focus has been helping (relevant Client Type)  

The Promise - During the Meeting 

That shouldn’t be that way Jane, that is something that I can help solve.  I promise to investigate that for you and give you an update next week… 


We can help with that paperwork.  I promise to get that back to you next week. 


I know someone that can help, I promise to pass you their details before next week.

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