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The Sales Meeting Process outlines a structured approach for engaging and advancing prospects through the sales pipeline for Financial Advisers. The process starts with lead qualification, which can be executed through embedding qualification questions on the website or during an initial phone call.


After qualification, a series of planned tasks, including scheduling the first sales meeting, sending a preparatory video, and proposing solutions, are detailed. The document describes a detailed agenda for the first sales meeting, emphasizing rapport building, discovery, recommendation, and outlining next steps.


Qualification questions and a comprehensive meeting agenda aim to understand the prospect's needs thoroughly, enabling personalized advice and solutions. The process concludes with follow-up meetings and communication to maintain momentum and engagement.

Adapted Sales Process:

1. Lead Qualification:

  • Method: Choose between an embedded online form or an initial phone call.

  • Action: Schedule a meeting (in-person or online), send a preliminary questionnaire, and connect on LinkedIn.

2. Pre-Meeting Preparation:

  • Send an email with specific qualification questions to better understand the prospect's needs and preferences.

3. First Sales Meeting:

  • Objective: Build rapport, understand the prospect's financial goals, concerns, and current strategies.

  • Agenda:

    • Chit-chat to build rapport.

    • Discuss the prospect's expectations and financial goals.

    • Explore the prospect's past experiences and current financial situation.

    • Agree on next steps.


4. Post-Meeting Actions:

  • Summarize the discussion and confirm understanding of the prospect's needs.

  • Highlight the emotional benefits of partnering for financial planning.

  • Provide initial thoughts and outline the work process, including fee structures.

  • Schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss a detailed plan.


5. Follow-Up Communication:

  • Send a Loom video summarizing the meeting and outlining next steps.

  • Attach the first sales meeting notes in the CRM.

  • Schedule and prepare for the second sales meeting, focusing on detailed planning and objection handling.

Questions to Get Them Started

This provides a framework for deepening the sales conversation by exploring the prospect's concerns, objections, and specific needs. It encourages sales representatives to ask open-ended questions that prompt the prospect to share more about their reservations and expectations.

It aims to transition prospects from expressing concerns to considering solutions, ultimately guiding them towards a decision. Key components include exploring reservations, addressing concerns with hypothetical solutions, and discussing the prospect's priorities and readiness to proceed.

Sales Process Inclusion:
  • Engagement Strategy:

    • Use the outlined questions to uncover deeper insights into the prospect's concerns and objections during sales meetings.

    • Prioritize understanding the prospect's main concerns and navigate the conversation towards potential solutions.

    • Assess the prospect's readiness to move forward and address any hesitations with targeted solutions and reassurances.

  • Objection Handling:

    • Incorporate the "Questions to Get Them Started" as a structured approach to objection handling in the sales process.

    • Aim to shift the prospect's perspective from hesitance to consideration by addressing concerns with empathy and informed solutions.

  • Decision Facilitation:

    • Use the questions to guide the prospect towards making an informed decision, ensuring they feel heard, understood, and confident in the proposed solutions.

This adapted sales process, informed by the summaries, provides a comprehensive framework for engaging prospects, understanding their needs, and guiding them towards favorable decisions. It emphasizes personalized interaction, strategic questioning, and clear next steps to foster trust and collaboration between sales representatives and prospects.​

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