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How Jeff Bezos made the jump from employee to entrepreneur

There isn’t a definitive way of knowing whether you’re ready to strike it out on your own. But, today, I thought I’d share the story of how Jeff Bezos made his leap.

Unsurprisingly, given his later accomplishments, Bezos was a successful guy before he founded Amazon – working as a Wall Street hedge-fund executive.

So how did he decide to risk everything all in the pursuit of a crazy dream of selling books out of his garage? After all, in those days the internet was mostly used by scientists and scholars and floppy discs were still a thing.

Bezos used something he called the ‘regret minimisation framework.’ And the idea behind it is pretty simple.

Project yourself out to age 80 and look back on your life. Then ask yourself whether you will regret not having done whatever it is you’re questioning.

According to Bezos, If the answer is no ... then it’s probably not worth doing. But if the answer is yes, there’s your answer.

Bezos made his choice and the rest is history.

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